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Diving Puerto Galera

So I’m finally diving again! This would be my first dive/s in Puerto Galera and given the tiring week I had I’m definitely looking forward to it.

We took a bus from Jam Liner Terminal in Kamias (175 Php) at 530 AM to get to Batangas Pier via CALABARZON. I was told that this was the fastest way if taking the commute via public buses. We arrived at the port by 730 AM and were ushered into buying a ticket on the Susana Shipping Lines ferry to Sabang Beach which, we were told, was leaving at 830 AM. Turns out it was really supposed to leave at 900AM but we were only told to board at around 920AM. So delays aside, we reached Sabang Port at 1045 AM and went directly to Capt’n Gregg’s a few meters away. Continue reading


Travel Tech

I’m slowly building up my gadgets for documenting my travels. I’ve already purchased the new GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition for video and a Canon S100 for pictures when I can’t bring my trusty Olympus E-400 with me. Maybe I’ll post some reviews on these as well.

Southern Palawan

We only got a few hours sleep in ûthe Metro before having to leave for Puerto Princesa from our Hong Kong/Macau trip. Our flight was at 11:15 AM via Cebu Pacific so we arrived in Puerto Princesa City at around 12:45. I’ve been to Puerto Princesa before and while I would definitely recommend the Subterranean River I was a bit underwhelmed by the rest of the sights in the captial of Palawan, especially when comparing it to Coron. Having said that, this trip wasn’t about re-exploring the city but rather to arrange for the collection permit for my friend (who generously footed most of the bill for the trip) in the municipality of Rizal, 5 hours south of Puerto Princesa. Continue reading

Hong Kong – Macau in 3 Days

Reposted from my Google sites page (To be edited)

The last time I was in Hong Kong was way back during the turn over of the British to the Chinese. In other words, I hardly remember anything from that trip other than visiting a Toys R Us for the first time (I was a kid, what can I say) and the huge aquarium from Ocean Park. So when I saw that there was a sale on Cebu Pacific we (with my girlfriend) jumped at the chance to visit again. My main objective for this visit was to basically see the main touristy sights and try to do some electronics shopping on the side. Here is our itinerary for the trip and corresponding expenses. I basically modified the itineraries from Ambot-ah and Apple Mandy’s Smile article to come up with the itinerary that would work best with our interests.
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