Bindoy, Negros Oriental

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Bindoy is an LGU in Negros Oriental where I conducted my thesis for the past year. It’s adjacent to several of the province’s coastal tourism destinations including Dolphin Watching (Bais), White Sand Bar (Manjuyod).

How to Get There

Located ~70km North of Dumaguete, it can be reached via Ceres buses (Php 74) heading to San Carlos or Canlaon from the provincial capitol. It takes around 1.5 hours to reach Bindoy from Dumaguete using public transportation and an hour if you have your own car. If you are coming from Cebu, you can take the fastcraft from Puerto del Sur in Lilo-an going to Sibulan (62 Php) and ride the San Carlos or Canlaon buses when you get to the main road (68 Php). Ceres buses from the Cebu South Terminal leave every hour going to Bato via Lilo-an Port (169 Php AC, 162 Php Regular). Aircon buses start their trips at 3:30AM.

Places to Visit

There are two main tourist areas promoted by the LGU at the moment, the Mantalip Reef Marine Reserve and the Mantahao Log Cabin. In order to use both facilities, you have to make arrangements with the LGU so head over to the Municipal Hall and ask for the tourism officer. I have been to both locations as a guest of the Mayor but at the moment, I only have information on the Mantalip Reef Marine Reserve fees.

Log Cabin at Mantahao

Mantalip Visitors Station

You can reserve the Visitors Station in Mantalip Reef for 2500 Php plus 50 Php entrance fee for each guest. This includes boat transfers to and from the Domolog Seawall, two rooms with a double and single bed and private comfort room each, fresh water for bathroom use, a generator and fuel for electricity at night and use of a videoke machine. You have to bring your own food and drinks and as the station is literally in the center of the ocean, please try and keep you trash from falling into the water. Although there are only 4 beds provided, you can request mattresses to be brought for use and you can just sleep under the stars. I was told that at one point there were 50 people renting the station at one time just so you have an idea of its capacity.

Best Time to Visit

Anytime after the Amihan or Northeast Monsoon season (November – March) is a great time to visit. Of course, summer would be best to maximize the sun and sea but this is also the peak season for visitors. During the Habagat or Southwest Monsoon season from July to early September, the sea is calm due to the mountain ranges of Negros blocking the winds so this would also be a good time to go.

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