Hong Kong – Macau in 3 Days

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The last time I was in Hong Kong was way back during the turn over of the British to the Chinese. In other words, I hardly remember anything from that trip other than visiting a Toys R Us for the first time (I was a kid, what can I say) and the huge aquarium from Ocean Park. So when I saw that there was a sale on Cebu Pacific we (with my girlfriend) jumped at the chance to visit again. My main objective for this visit was to basically see the main touristy sights and try to do some electronics shopping on the side. Here is our itinerary for the trip and corresponding expenses. I basically modified the itineraries from Ambot-ah and Apple Mandy’s Smile article to come up with the itinerary that would work best with our interests.

The great bronze Buddha overlooking Po Lin Monastery

Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas *still under construction*

The Giant Buddha as seen from the monastery

Offerings to Buddha

Ngong Ping Village

The historic Star Ferry

Modern and traditional: The Aqua Luna fronting Hong Kong Island Harbor

The harbor light show was briefly interrupted by a passing ship. View from IFC Mall rooftop

Hong Kong and the Peak Tram. View from Victoria Peak

Hammerhead Shark – Ocean Park Aquarium

The Iconic Duk Ling!

Shoppes Canal, The Venetian

The Grand Lisboa

Senado Square – almost like Vigan! 😀

The facade of St. Paul

Transportation Notes:

We chose to head over to the Po Lin Monastery right after arrival because of proximity, anyway we were packing light so baggage wasn’t an issue. To get there from the airport you take the E21 Bus (14 HKD) from the airport and get down at Tung Chung Station. From there you can take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car or, a cheaper alternative would be to take a New Lantau Bus No. 23 to get to Ngong Ping (17.20 HKD, 50 minutes travel time). Going to Fortress Hill we took the same bus to Tung Chung station then rode the MTR to Fortress Hill (22.9 HKD).

To save time, we chose to go to Victoria Peak using the Tram (40 HKD round trip, 28 HKD one way) since it takes only 8 minutes to get to the Peak. An alternative way would be to use the Green minibus (9.2 HKD). The terminal of the Green Minibus is at Central Pier station and it takes around 30 minutes to get to the Peak and vice versa.

To get to Ocean Park, we took a City Bus 629 at its terminal located above the Admiralty MTR Station. Park tickets (280 HKD) can be purchased here along with the bus tickets (10.6 HKD) but as with most buses, the Octopus Card is also accepted. There are also other buses that can be taken to reach Ocean Park from different places. During our visit we also noticed the construction of an MTR station right beside the park.

We wanted to try riding a traditional Chinese Junk and our original plan was to ride the Aqua Luna. They offer evening harbour cruises at 190 HKD (240 HKD if cruise is during the Symphony of Lights) including a drink starting at 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM. If you’re on a budget though, they also have a Discovery Harbour Tour (100 HKD) every Tuesdays and Fridays at 100 HKD with unlimited pickups and drop offs from 12:00 – 5:00 PM. I suggest purchasing a ticket online to avoid any inconveniences. We thought we could buy the tickets at the Pier but it turns out you have to purchase the tickets from their office. Luckily for us, another Chinese Junk docked at Pier 9 where we were waiting for the Aqua Luna. The Duk Ling harbour cruise can be quite pricey since you have to charter it but if you want to ride an authentic Chinese Junk then I think this is the best one available. We were lucky to chance upon a special ride for the friends of the owners, Mr. Paul Watt and Mrs. Chyna Watt (who is filipina) who were gracious enough to share the wonderful cruise with two lost tourists for free. ^_^ Aside from touring the harbour, the Aqua Luna and Duk Ling can also bring you to other places around Hong Kong, click the links for full details.

The Macau Ferry Terminal is located at the mall above Sheung Wan MTR Station. Just go up the escalators and you’ll reach the ticketing offices. Our tickets were 151 HKD but this can increase to 163 HKD (I think) if you’re taking the trip on a weekend. The trip only takes an hour so doing a day trip is very feasible. Don’t forget your passport and departure cards!

In Macau, don’t be afraid of taking the numerous FREE shuttle buses provided by the casinos populating Taipa and Macau Island. From the Taipa Ferry Terminal, we took the shuttle to the Venetian located across the road, just take the underpass to reach it, where we left our bags at the west wing lobby and pretended to be in the canals of Venice. From the same entrance (West Wing), look for the shuttle to City of Dreams (or you can walk if you want, its technically just across the street from the main entrance). The shuttle should drop you off at the main entrance, from there enter the casino and immediately take the escalator to the basement and look for the shuttle to Sintra. Once you are dropped off at Sintra, its just a 10 minute walk to Senado Square and St. Paul’s Ruins. Going back to the casino, we took the same shuttle from the drop off point and traced our way back to the Venetian where we took another shuttle from the main entrance to the airport.

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