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Smart Prepaid LTE Pocket Wifi

UPDATE (April 2016):
Wow! This device or rather the service itself got horrible quickly. I had a great time as an early-ish adopter but once they started to really push the product the speed suffered exponentially. At one point, I couldn’t connect to the Internet for days on an unlimited package.

I stopped subscribing to the LTE packages almost a year ago from frustration. I still use the WiFi sometimes but only to finish my rewards points (no money spent on my part). Surprisingly, I get faster speed from the reward bundles. I get around 1-2MBPS download speeds.

I got my Smart Prepaid LTE Pocket Wifi today and what a handsome package it has. I tried ordering it online from the Smart website and it arrived within 5 days, not too bad. The whole package consists of a triangular box whose front flap opens to reveal the device. The device sits on top of another cover containing the User Guide, USB charging cable and power adapter. The device itself looks like a thicker iPod touch: glass face, rounded edges, the Huawei logo on the bottom and a small LCD for displaying the current status of the connection.
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Summer Capital of the Philippines

Baguio is a Godsend during these intense summer months. It can feel like an oven in Manila during April and May so actually needing a jacket in Baguio is so refreshing. As a comparison, it was around 36C in Manila when we left, it was 17C in Baguio when we arrived 😀
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I’m Itching to Travel

It’s summer here in the Philippines and I haven’t been anywhere since January. I’ve been busy with my thesis writing but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! My next destination will be in Bicol at the EDC Geothermal Plant for my last class as a teacher. I’d like to go out somewhere before that but I would also like to finish up this thesis quickly. Anyway, Bacon Manito is next on my list at the moment. At least I’ll be out of Manila 🙂