Smart Prepaid LTE Pocket Wifi

UPDATE (April 2016):
Wow! This device or rather the service itself got horrible quickly. I had a great time as an early-ish adopter but once they started to really push the product the speed suffered exponentially. At one point, I couldn’t connect to the Internet for days on an unlimited package.

I stopped subscribing to the LTE packages almost a year ago from frustration. I still use the WiFi sometimes but only to finish my rewards points (no money spent on my part). Surprisingly, I get faster speed from the reward bundles. I get around 1-2MBPS download speeds.

I got my Smart Prepaid LTE Pocket Wifi today and what a handsome package it has. I tried ordering it online from the Smart website and it arrived within 5 days, not too bad. The whole package consists of a triangular box whose front flap opens to reveal the device. The device sits on top of another cover containing the User Guide, USB charging cable and power adapter. The device itself looks like a thicker iPod touch: glass face, rounded edges, the Huawei logo on the bottom and a small LCD for displaying the current status of the connection.

My residence in Quezon City was part of the current LTE Hotspots identified by Smart. However, the signal strength inside the house wasn’t so good at only two bars. Running, I came up with the following result. Not nearly as close to the 42MBPS maximum speeds promised but much better than my SmartBro Canopy connection (FYI, I tried speedtest in SM Cebu and it reached download speeds of 60MBPS). Of course these numbers can change depending on the server chosen but it can be a useful comparison. I tried loading up 1080p HD videos on Youtube as a true test of speed and it did not stutter at all. I’ve seen faster loading times in the Jump stores in Megamall or SM Cebu but the fact that I did not need to pause at the start while waiting for the video to load proved its increased speeds over my SmartBro Canopy connection. Since smartphones consume less battery on wifi than through mobile data makes this product a compelling alternative to using the phone as a wifi hotspot if you have several devices. The built in battery can last quite long on a full charge (4-5 hours by my estimation) and is easily charged through the micro USB cable provided.

I can only hope that Smart continues to improve the coverage of LTE and strengthen its signals as there are times when the connection suddenly gets cut. Still, I’m very happy with the Pocket Wifi and with LTE as the future of mobile internet, transfer speeds should only get better. I will definitely recommend this product to whoever needs a fast connection on the go.


10 thoughts on “Smart Prepaid LTE Pocket Wifi

  1. ernest

    panu kung PLDT landline plus ang simko, can. still use the pocket wifi and avail the LTE service ( since PLDT-Smart nmn sila?)

    1. justjuandering Post author

      i’m not sure but i think hindi pwede. pero kung kukuha ka naman nung prepaid pocket wi-fi na LTE may kasama na siyang sim card so hindi naman problema yon

  2. En Valero

    Smart said June 5 ang release, I went to 6 different SM Smart branch wala *daw* stock, mga liars June 5 DAW…, I bet mga LIES din ang promised LTE speed nila around Manila CBD area!!! SMART= LIES…. so it just happened nasa Iloilo ako..doon pako nakuha ng Smart LTE sim card…back in Manila I tried 3 more SM Smart branches…wala pa rin daw stock ni Wifi Router nila… so I bought E5332 instead 3G HSDPA kuno… I put in LTE sim card, it work but speedtest is soooooooooooooo SLOW its very annoying…so I guess if I complain with Smart they will tell me buy a LTE compatible wifi router?…which I have no choice but I will buy one 🙂

    thanks for the review…

    1. justjuandering Post author

      yeah, i know what you mean. medyo hit and miss pa talaga ang smart. minsan sobrang bagal pero kung mabilis talagang mabilis. nung recent weeks nag improve naman yung service sa area namin. sana hindi anomaly. hehe

    1. justjuandering Post author

      Kung meron ka nung LTE pocket wifi tapos ikoconnect mo yung ipad mini dito may LTE speeds ka pa rin. Pero hindi mo pwede lagyan ng LTE sim yung ipad mini kung wifi version lang siya.


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