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Whirlwind ASEAN Day 22: Making the Most of the Last Day

Technically it’s not yet my last day on this journey but I consider it to be my last because my next destination (Singapore) is already so familiar to me. I was prepared to do a lot of walking around today since I am not sufficiently familiar with the bus routes here to attempt commuting anywhere outside Georgetown.
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Whirlwind ASEAN Day 21: Georgetown

It was an exciting first hour on the bus from Cameron Highlands to Penang (32 MYR). There were several stops in which people were shooting at each other, trying to board the bus, getting kicked (literally) off the bus, and getting hit some more once the bus had left them in the street. The bus driver later told us that the guy unceremoniously removed from the bus was a thief. As to what it was he stole I have no idea. Continue reading

Whirlwind ASEAN Day 20: Cameron Highlands

The sounds of heavy rain welcomed me when my alarm rang. It’s the first time this trip that I needed an alam to wake up. Maybe I’m already tired from all the traveling I’ve done over the past weeks. I like to think it’s because of the constant bed weather here in the Highlands. It’s too comfortable to wake up early. Continue reading

Whirlwind ASEAN Day 19: Yangon? Not today.

It’s the early hours of the morning. With only 4 hours of sleep I approached the documents check counter in the LCCT, handing over my passport and boarding pass. The staff looks through my passport with a puzzled look in her eyes and asks: “do you have a visa for Yangon sir?” Dumbfounded, I asked if it was necessary seeing as Myanmar is part of the ASEAN. “Yes sir, all countries are required to get a visa to enter Myanmar”. Craaaaaaaap. She refers me to a different counter to see if they can do anything for me. They can’t. Not with my tight schedule. Resigned to the result of my idiotic complacency, I ask where I can get a bus to Cameron Highlands. He directs me to the bus ticket counters in the Domestic Arrivals area where I waited for the counters to open, calculating the total losses this setback has cost me. It depressed me so I stopped and just tried psyching myself for Cameron Highlands.
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