One Thrifty Day in Mandalay


Mahamuni - The most sacred image of Buddha in Myanmar


Sandamuni Pagoda containing 1772 stone slabs (in the small white pagodas) with historical accounts of Myanmar


The huge imposing structure of Atum Ash Kaung. Too bad I wasn't able to enter it (10000 kyat entrance to Mandalay Archaeological Zone)


One of the incredible panoramic views of Mandalay from Mandalay Hill


Finally caught a sunset in Myanmar! View from the top of Mandalay Hill

Spent the day going to cheap/free attractions due to budget constraints. No Palace, Atum Ash Kaung, or Shwenandaw Monastery for me. I probably won’t be able to go to the old cities as well since I’m feeling a bit under the weather after the long trek up and down (and up again) Mandalay Hill. Gives me a reason to come back

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