Jeju Island

Finally, we get to the highlight of my trip! Jeju is so different from Seoul and I loved it. I could have spent my entire week here and not regretted it. If you’re trying to see as much as you can on limited time though, the best way to go around Jeju is to rent a car. Public transportation is available, but not that frequent. You see a lot if you join a tour group but these are quite expensive. Navigation using a rented car is easy as long as you get a GPS from the rental companies (we used KT Kumho). Google maps also work in a pinch.

We spent 2 full days going around the island’s beautiful coastal areas and waterfalls. It’s an amazing place to visit and I highly recommend it.

Cheonjiyeon – this is the waterfalls closest to Seogwipo city. There’s also a beautiful park you pass through before getting to the falls.

Jeongbang – the first waterfalls I’ve seen that leads directly to the ocean. Fresh seafood and soju are also sold by the fisherfolk near the path.



Oedolgae – a stone pillar jutting out from the sea. Another Korean drama (Daejangguem) was shot on this location.
Oedolgae 3

Jusangjeolli – beautiful hexagonal pillars make up this cliff from rapid cooling of lava.

Cheonjeyeon – there are three cascades in this area. The first was underwhelming (maybe since it wasn’t the rainy season?) so I didn’t take a picture but the other two are shown here. The brightly colored Seonimgyo bridge can also be found here.



Seopjikoji – nice views of Seongsan Ilchulbong can be seen here. In spring, the scenery is made better with the blooming of rape flowers.



Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak – a small volcano jutting out from Jeju. Sunrise views are said to be amazing from here. Too bad it was cloudy when we visited. The women divers of Jeju also put on demonstrations here and serve fresh seafood and soju.

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak 2

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak


Manjanggul Lava Tubes – the longest lava tube in the world, stretching 13 kilometers. Only 1 km is accessible to visitors, at the end of which is the largest lava pillar in the world.


Yongduam – said to resemble a dragon’s head. This is found north of Jeju City.

Seogwipo World Cup Stadium
World Cup Stadium 2

We also visited Loveland (erotic art museum) but I though the pictures might not be appropriate for posting 😀

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