Sunday in Zürich

This was me and my brother’s first stop on our 16 day Eurotrip. Zürich was basically what I imagined Europe to be with its beautiful streets and buildings and very expensive cost of living. We spent more here (per day) than in any other city we visited, and that was with a lot of penny-saving strategies already.

It was a beautiful city and I was so tempted to just jump into the river because of how clean it was and how hot the day became. Unfortunately, we arrived on a Sunday which is when the shops of the Banhofstrasse were closed. Just as well, we didn’t have nearly enough on hand to start shopping on that street. We joined one of the free tours around the city starting from the business district (where all the famous Swiss banks are found) and ending up in Grossmünster across the Limmat River. I loved the convenience of being able to get a cool drink of water (or take a dip if you want) from one of the handy water fountains. We then took a ride on the ferry to the lake and also went to the Landesmusem before heading back to our apartment where we felt the heat of European summer before falling asleep. Why don’t they fans at least??

Traveling around Zürich was a breeze. We purchased the Zürich Card to cover travel expenses and a few entrance fees.

Bird’s eye view of Zürich and its lake from Üetliberg.

Following our volunteer tour guide

On top of one of the hills overlooking the Limmat river


Without a doubt, one of the cleanest rivers I’ve ever seen


Fraumünster from the top of Grossmünster

If you ever want to know the time, you only need to look at St. Peter

My brother enjoying the view

Grossmunster from the river

Lake Zürich is so clean that it’s water is said to be of better quality than bottles water.

No wonder there were barely any people in the city! They were all escaping the heat by the lake.

Zürich Central Station


Landesmuseum – our first European Castle 😀

Having a beer in the oldest (?) cafe in Zürich

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