Düsseldorf and done.

Our last stop was the small city of Düsseldorf. While we were here, Kirmes was ongoing so we got to see the second largest festival in Germany (next to Oktoberfest of course)! At this point in our trip we were already traveling in a pretty large group which meant that our pace also slowed down considerably. That turned out to be fine, since we were also tired from the mad rush across five countries. I realize that I started taking fewer and fewer pictures as we moved closer to our final destination. Partly due to restrictions (some museums) but also partly because there were more people taking photos towards the end of our trip that I didn’t feel the need to add more of my own. This, the absence of pictures from Düsseldorf’s historic district.

My brother doing his Assassin’s Creed thing for the last time.

Düsseldorf Tower

The Kirmes site

The historic quarters

View from our AirBnB apartment







With that, our euro trip was over. It was just a quick teaser for many future trips (I hope).

Next up: Taiwan

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