Winter onsen experience in Kusatsu

Kusatsu is recognized as one of the top the onsen resort towns in Japan. Originally, I just wanted to go to any onsen during my trip. When I saw how accessible Kusatsu was from Tokyo, I made sure I made time to go there. Dipping into a hot spring on a cold day is one of my favorite winter activities after trying it in New Zealand.

Yubatake – source of Kusatsu’s hot spring






Sainokawara Park – small park near the town where I tried an outdoor onsen. It was a great experience in winter except for the hill beside it where walking tourists kept taking pictures of the (male) bathers.



Snowy morning surprise – I thought I wouldn’t be able to see snow since there was little trace of it the day before.



My first snow man!

I loved my overnight stay in Kusatsu. It was my favorite experience this trip. It was the only time I stayed in an actual room and not a capsule hotel. My AirBnB host was really nice and cooked great food. I couldn’t get enough of the hot springs too. I took three baths in a span of 24 hours. All the houses in Kusatsu receive the same hot water that the onsens in town do so you can enjoy the water around the clock. It was a great way to relax after several days of walking for hours and hours.

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