Welcome! My name really isn’t Juan, I’m just taking a cue from my favorite budget airline in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific. I am a former instructor of Biology at the University of the Philippines – Diliman. I decided to take a break from teaching to (1) finish my masters thesis, which had been given second priority to teaching, and (2) explore other activities and pursue my love of travel.

I’ve had a great fondness for travel ever since I can remember. Both my parents and sister (not too sure about my brothers) have a similar passion for travel so I guess you can say its in my genes. I love going to new places and experiencing something different. Most of all, I love sharing these experiences, whether it be through conversation or pictures, to try and get other people to leave their comfort zone and see what the world has to offer. It would be wonderful to be able to travel for a living!

Sorry about the barebones blog. I haven’t had time to really play with the editing and layout features of wordpress yet. Feel free to share your experiences, ask any questions or give comments, I’d love to hear them.