Looking for Mt. Fuji in Hakone

The following day, I tried to get a better view of Mt. Fuji. I decided to go to Hakone instead of the Fuji 5 Lakes area because other bloggers said that in the event of bad weather, there was more to see and do in Hakone. As I approached the transfer station of Hakone, I saw Mt. Fuji again in all its glory. I didn’t take pictures because it looked like the weather was going to be perfect in Hakone. Wrong! I never saw Mt. Fuji again. I did enjoy going around Hakone though.

Hakone Open Air Museum – Because I love walking around nature, I loved the concept of an open air museum.
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After recovering from my illness, my friend brought me across Tokyo Bay to see Mt. Nokogiri. I had my first sighting of Mt. Fuji as we excited the aqua tunnel but my lens wasn’t long enough to take a good photo of it.

You can reach the peak of Nokogiri-yama by driving, walking up or taking the cable car. We did the latter since it was also my friend’s first time here. Be prepared for a hike if you’re visiting here, but don’t worry, it’s manageable.

There are several dozen buddhas along the path but only two were carved directly on the mountain face.
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Other sights for a Tokyo tourist

These photos were taken while walking around all over Tokyo. I would have gotten more but I got sick for 2 days and that limited my mobility. There’s always a next time!

Akihabara Electric Town – home of otaku culture
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Gardens of Tokyo

Spent a wonderful week in Tokyo and surrounding areas in December. This first post shows some select photos from the different gardens I visited in the city. I love strolling in Japanese gardens and just taking in the scenery. I was lucky to have still caught the tail end of autumn. 😊

Imperial Palace East Gardens
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Camotes Islands

Now back to Philippine destinations. During our week long break last year, I went around Camotes Island in Cebu with friends. Camotes has powdery beaches, lots of caves, cliff jumping, one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines, and marine sanctuaries. It’s not as crowded as other tourist spots in cebu so definitely a great place to unwind.

Exploring caves in Camotes Island
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