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Minalungao National Park

My brother told me about this place in Nueva Ecija where the turquoise water of the river runs between limestone cliffs. I searched and saw several blogs on this seemingly “undiscovered” place, the Minalungao National Park. Apparently, its a place known to locals but only (relatively) recently to outsiders thanks to the power of social media. I suggested to my colleagues that we visit it as a potential site for their ecology classes (and to swim and beat the summer heat).

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Siargao revisited

My first trip this year was to siargao with my family. We explored more of the island than in my previous visit. We rented a van to bring us around the entire island and exploited the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the country. We were only able to surf on the day of our departure since the tide cycles weren’t the most convenient during our stay.

Kids playing at low tide
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Camotes Islands

Now back to Philippine destinations. During our week long break last year, I went around Camotes Island in Cebu with friends. Camotes has powdery beaches, lots of caves, cliff jumping, one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines, and marine sanctuaries. It’s not as crowded as other tourist spots in cebu so definitely a great place to unwind.

Exploring caves in Camotes Island
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