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Siargao revisited

My first trip this year was to siargao with my family. We explored more of the island than in my previous visit. We rented a van to bring us around the entire island and exploited the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the country. We were only able to surf on the day of our departure since the tide cycles weren’t the most convenient during our stay.

Kids playing at low tide
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Siargao – Socorro – Sohoton – Surigao

Siargao –  the surfing capital of the Philippines. My most spontaneous trip this year. I bought the ticket early this year and my cousin and tita joined me shortly after. I usually plan the general outline of places to visit/things to do a few weeks before the trip. However, with my ASEAN trip ending just the day before the flight I had to wing it for this trip. This resulted in an expensive but very memorable trip.

surfing sa siargao - check!

surfing sa siargao – check!

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