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Experiencing the Weirdness of Robot Restaurant

I’m back in Tokyo again! This time I tried to catch sakura season (more on that in later posts) but first I had to go someplace I’ve wanted to see ever since my sister showed me her videos 2 years ago – Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant! I didn’t have anybody to watch it with when I was here last December so I didn’t go here back then. Now I’ve got my younger brother to join in on the craziness so I got us seats via Japanican. Prices are higher if you buy on site so if you’re interested to see this, book online.


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Other sights for a Tokyo tourist

These photos were taken while walking around all over Tokyo. I would have gotten more but I got sick for 2 days and that limited my mobility. There’s always a next time!

Akihabara Electric Town – home of otaku culture
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