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Hanami and Yozakura in Tokyo

I had a list of hanami spots to check out in Tokyo but had to cut it significantly. The exhaustion of the previous day at Disneyland had us leaving our accommodations around 11AM – very late by my standards!

Before joining the sakura viewers, we had brunch at Sushizanmai in Ikebukuro.

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Tokyo Disneyland

Confession time! I like Disney movies but not so much that I would be super excited to go to Disneyland. I’ve had several chances to go to one over the years (Hong Kong and Tokyo before this trip) but it just wasn’t something I felt I needed to do. This trip, I acted as the guide for my brother and his girlfriend, whose only request was to go to Disneyland. If I were given the choice, I would have gone to Disneysea since this was a theme park unique to Tokyo. However, my brother’s girlfriend was a huge Pooh fan so we ended up going to Disneyland.


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Experiencing the Weirdness of Robot Restaurant

I’m back in Tokyo again! This time I tried to catch sakura season (more on that in later posts) but first I had to go someplace I’ve wanted to see ever since my sister showed me her videos 2 years ago – Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant! I didn’t have anybody to watch it with when I was here last December so I didn’t go here back then. Now I’ve got my younger brother to join in on the craziness so I got us seats via Japanican. Prices are higher if you buy on site so if you’re interested to see this, book online.


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Other sights for a Tokyo tourist

These photos were taken while walking around all over Tokyo. I would have gotten more but I got sick for 2 days and that limited my mobility. There’s always a next time!

Akihabara Electric Town – home of otaku culture
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Gardens of Tokyo

Spent a wonderful week in Tokyo and surrounding areas in December. This first post shows some select photos from the different gardens I visited in the city. I love strolling in Japanese gardens and just taking in the scenery. I was lucky to have still caught the tail end of autumn. 😊

Imperial Palace East Gardens
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