Shifen Falls

The only side trip I could include in my weekend in Taipei was to Shifen Falls, the broadest waterfalls in Taiwan.

As I arrived at the train station, I immediately spotted tourists sending their wishes up on lanterns.


The falls were just a bit of a walk from the train station.

You pass by a visitor center on the way with this bridge that leads to nowhere.

I’m not sure what it’s for but it’s a popular photo site.

As you go nearer to the falls you pass by this picturesque walkway

And finally arrive at the falls


It was a nice alternative to the farther Taroko Gorge, which I originally wanted to visit. After reading blogs about going there though, I decided that it would be better if I had more time to explore when I went there. I did enjoy eating more food (xiao long bao, sweets, etc) along the way. 😀

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