Summer Capital of the Philippines

Baguio is a Godsend during these intense summer months. It can feel like an oven in Manila during April and May so actually needing a jacket in Baguio is so refreshing. As a comparison, it was around 36C in Manila when we left, it was 17C in Baguio when we arrived 😀
I don’t think there is a need to give directions from Manila to Baguio. There are several bus lines going directly to Baguio from the major terminal locations (Pasay and Cubao) but the most well known is Victory Liner. I would suggest using Dagupan, just a few meters from Victory terminal in Cubao, if going to Baguio during peak times because it has fewer people. A friend tried getting a ticket at Victory last Thursday and when she arrived at the terminal (around 10pm) the next available ticket was at 4am already. When she got to Dagupan terminal she was able to ride a bus immediately. Good thing my girlfriend recommended going to Dagupan for our 9pm trip and we arrived in Baguio 5 hours later.

It was my girlfriend’s sister’s wedding so we weren’t here to do sightseeing. Instead we just did some light shopping at Skyworld in Session Road (ukay-ukay) and the public market (pasalubong). The rest of the time we were eating out just hanging around enjoying the cold weather (aside from attending the wedding of course).

Here are some of our favorite haunts while in Baguio:

Oh My Gulay – great ambiance, good vegetarian food, nice view


50’s Diner – large servings for a reasonable price, great value for money


Cafe Klatsch – nice place to get a beer or coffee while listening to a live band

Forest House – restaurant overlooking a ridge, bring a jacket if you plan to dine al fresco at night


Secret Garden – small restaurant overlooking the south road manor


For Sightseeing:

Tam-awan Village

BenCab Museum


Benhur Villanueva Workshop

Our Lady pf Atonement (Baguio) Cathedral

Mt. Sto Tomas

Camp John Hay


Bell Ampitheater at Camp John Hay

The Mansion

Burnham Park

Burnham Lake

Burnham Lake

Mines View Park

Lion’s Head

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